College Life to Adulthood Living

Article 1: Living Spaces

Who remembers the typical college apartment? Dusty couches, less than stellar throw pillows, big enough to host all your friends or parties, and dingy/dirty from all the wild nights. Literally finding furniture that would last just enough to make it through the 4 years (or longer). Your chairs might not match with your couch or coffee table but, you have just enough so it does not look empty in the space. If you were lucky you had parents who would have bought matching sets but, with all unexpected turns in college life you may want to save your money for later.

Transitioning your mindset from a "Collegey" space to an "Adult-like" space can be tricky if it's your First place on your own. Here are some tips that may be helpful when transforming your living spaces into your new apartment/home.

1. The Couch

The couch is the focal point of most living spaces. Depending on your lifestyle choosing the right coach is the one of the most important purchases of your new living space. If you are an entertainer and will likely host a lot friends over going for darker colored couches and large to host guests. If you are more into a chic look then you can get the cute white/cream love seat that fits just right into your space.

2. Coffee Table/Ottoman

Coffee tables and/or Ottoman's help to complete the overall look of our living space. A coffee table can be there to provide an additional space to place cuts or showcase greenery or decor to help bring your space alive. Or an ottoman can serve as another outlet for storage to keep board games, food trays, or blankets that you will need in the living area.

3. Accent Pieces

Throw pillows, Throw blankets,Serving trays, etc. these pieces help make your simple colored couch and furniture develop personality. This helps the space to come together with a pop of color or designs to liven up the space. This also includes 3D wall art, artwork(portraits, paintings, etc.), accent wall/wall colors and/or quotes/decals.

4. Lighting

Plan lighting according to the flow of your living space where it will help brighten up the place at any given time of day. Picking a unique light fixture whether it's a floor lamp or smaller lamps on side tables, this helps to keep everything balanced in the room.

I hope these tips helped in one step towards a solid transition towards your ideal first home on your own after College. Stay tuned for more articles in the series!

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