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College Life to Adulthood Living

Article II: Room Retreats

Your room is probably the most personable place in your entire house. It's not just a place where you will sleep but, a place that typically belongs to only you. Therefore, you should make sure that it is a space that is comfortable, relaxing, and functional just for you.

1. The Bed

We know back in the college days anything goes. It is time to elevate your room be having a proper bed frame and/or headboard. A mattress on the floor is not the appealing look or relaxing space to be in. Your bed is the centerpiece of your room which means it should showcase your style. Whether you have modern, traditional, or industrial taste that will set the tone for the rest of the room.

2. Sitting space

If the space allows, it is always important to have a sitting space in your room. When you have visitors in your room this will allow them to sit somewhere other than your comforter. This will save you and your comforter multiple trips to the laundry mat. You can complete your space with a simple chair with no arms, a lounge chair with large arms, or an upholstered bench. These seating arrangements are a great way to complete your space and offset the focal point of the room.

3. Organization

From your closet to your vanity tops, organizing your space is one of the simplest but most efficient design methods. On a dresser on vanity utilize makeup organizers, mirrored trays, or decorative cups/jars. These things will be optimal to keep makeup brushes, jewelry together, and still leave room for decorative flower pieces and/or sentimental photos. Organizing closets can be tricky especially if you have clothes and shoes like a department store. Shoe racks, storage bins, and closet organizers are pivotal to making your space appealing to the eye and easily accessible.

4. Accent Wall/Artwork

Who wants to look at bare walls? An accent wall should be an eye-catching focal point in the room. Whether it's the wall behind your bed or the longest wall in the room it's there to stand out for sure. The key is to make sure the color of the wall is coordinating with your furniture, comforter, etc. Last, but not least artwork is the final part of the design to seal the deal! No matter how big or small, just make sure it makes a statement. The different types artwork is endless, from 3D art, repetition artwork, to clocks, and wall decals. Just make sure it is something that speaks directly to you.

I hope this has helped in your journey towards your ideal Room Retreat! Stay tuned as the series continues.

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