College Life to Adulthood Living

Article III: Bathroom and Kitchen's you won't forget!

In College, keeping your spaces organized and coordinating is the last thing on your list when shopping. Money is usually tight so anything that is usually the cheapest and most practical (matching or not) is the aim.


I know this may be hard to believe but dorm days are FINALLY over! Ditch the caddy that you have been toting around since the Freshmen dorm days. You can actually leave your items in your bathroom in your new home, no more carrying for you! Use different ways to organize your bathroom by getting a hanging shower organizer, matching and coordinated decor between your shower curtain and rugs. These things will have your bathroom on decorative towel status! Lastly, do not forget to buy a plunger, you will need it!


When moving into your first place, usually all the major details of kitchens are completed for you like cabinetry and countertop designs, etc. When it comes to your first home, it really boils down to the little things to bring your kitchen to life! Out with the old and in with the new, as a new adult you should invest in matching pots and pans! Once again, the most important part about the kitchen is how you organize it! Display your cooking tools and plates and ups in a way they can be easily accessible and functional!

This concludes the College Life to Adulthood Living Series where we have given plenty of tips how to transform your new space into your adulthood living! We hope you enjoyed the series, there is more love Décor’d Corner posts on the way!

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