Don't Waste your Space...

I have lived in my apartment for 4 years and I have never used my balcony space. How crazy is that?!

When I first moved to my apartment in Downtown Silver Spring, I felt really fortunate to find a 815 square foot 1 bedroom apartment within 2 miles of the DC state line that is unheard of! Well, I had so much fun decorating and designing my first space on my own. However, one thing I never took the time to decorate was my balcony. I had so many excuses "it's too small" or " I won't really go out there like that." Well those statements are true, the balcony it literally a little triangle lol it's a small area compared to other balconies in my apartment complex. Also in 4 years I could probably count the number of times I actually went out and spent any substantial amount of time on the balcony.

A few months ago, I was home in South Carolina. I spent the majority of my time there I spent it on my back screened-in porch. I found so much peace out there whether it was morning, afternoon, or evening it was just what I needed to escape the suffocating feeling of being inside for so long. A few weeks ago I decided to walk out on my balcony in my apartment and I felt that same peace again. So, I made a decision to actually decorate the space.

The designer in me had a field day! A new project where I am bringing my own vision to life and not someone else's! OMG like where do I even start? What do I really like at this phase of my life? So I got to work! My budget was set at $300 because your girl is on a TIGHT budget right now! Just as I thought I had everything mapped out the bench I found was SOLD OUT at Ikea. Ya'll I had to basically start from from scratch trying to find other solutions that fell within my budget almost seemed impossible. However, here is a pro tip: the best time to go shopping for season furniture is when that season is almost over. I found the CUTEST metal bench at Kirkland's online and it was already marked down for the end of Summer sale. Plus, here is the gag it was CHEAPER than the bench I originally had in my plans! Look at GOD!

Once I ordered all the items for the outdoor space I came in under budget at $274.11. Literally pats myself on my back and say girl YOU DID THAT! Now everything is delivered and put together. I am enjoying my outdoor space just in time for the close of summer. Me and my puppy King are living our best lives during our work days out there and loving it! Remember that every part of your space has value and don't waste your space! Enjoy every inch of it even if you think it's been too long or too much time has passed, DO IT! It's never too late find space and moments for yourself every single day.

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