Mixing Business & Pleasure: Self-Care Edition

How I turned my Self-care night into a Branding Shoot...

Back in January 2020, I booked a 1-night stay at the Eaton Hotel in DC. I love self-care however, booking a hotel for a night was a new type of self-care for me personally. I got the idea from a friend last year who said she checked into hotels for a night every now and then for self-care. I was super excited to get some alone time and have some fun just relaxing and doing whatever I wanted!

However, ya'll know I had to mix some business and pleasure during this time. I was very intentional about picking the Eaton DC Hotel due to it was ranked as one of the best hotels in DC known for its unique decor style. I promise the pictures on Google do not even capture half of how unique the style is at this hotel! I was planning this photoshoot to honor the 1-year Anniversary of the launch of Décor'd by Keirsten LLC. We launched our business on all social media platforms on February 6, 2019.

What's crazy is work was so overwhelming I had to finish work and my responsibilities before I left to check in. Once I got to my room the first thing I wanted to do was order room service. lol However, I got there too late so I went to the rooftop bar and got something to eat. They had a DJ and I realized how lit this place was and I never knew. I starting exploring the lobby and really fell in love with the vintage rustic charm of the Hotel. My favorite part about my room was the REAL record player it had inside and the small set of record selection they provided. It reminded me of my childhood when I would listen to vinyl records with my Daddy on his record player.

So I slept, like REALLY slept like my life depended on it. It was well needed in so many ways being a full-time in Corporate American and a full-time Entrepreneur is no joke! I had the photoshoot the next morning where it had a dual purpose. I started out in the room where I posed for pictures to help shape the message of spirituality, self-care, and inner peace. Then I changed to that boss pink suit you see in all of my photos with my business shirt. Those photos were taken in the lobby of the hotel where it helped to provide the vision of celebrating our one-year anniversary!

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